Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Sorrento Trip

group photo on top of the Queenscliff- Sorrento ferry
There are places that have become memourable if not most memourable for some for certain reasons. For my part, its always the Sorrento and why it has become exciting to remember was because I enjoyed the trip immensely. Our group were quite lucky to have met someone who has cared a lot and treated us like his own children. He is such one happy face or in many ways has made not only me but the whole group happy. His name is Caesar whom we fondly call as "Big Brother" not only because of his huge body frame but also given his advanced age, he became a huge fan of the television reality show "Big Brother Australia" and he watches the show until early morning. Most importantly, he has been and is always a big brother to us although I have always been privileged to be treated like her most favoured daughter.

taking a boat ride with our Big Brother Caesar

Few years ago, I took this trip with my dear friends, courtesy of our Big Brother Caesar. He has drove us to far exquisite places across Country Victoria, but this place has become very unforgetable to me because of the boat ride. We took the long drive to this place a year before but this is much more memourable to me well because I was with my friends whom I shared my life with as an international student and they shared their life unselfishly in return. Arguably, save for one, these friends have loved me too much beyond beng a friend- I was taken cared of like a little prodigal sister.

my favourite photo with V and Eden, photo by Jamie

It was a lovely day in autumn and a new student then just arrived from the Philippines. Kuya(Filipino term for an elder brother) Caesar offered to drive us to Country Victoria, this time in Sorrento and we are more than willing to come. This is a great respite from a quite hectic student life. It would have been great if we had our dear Primo but he was too busy doing his thesis outline then. But we had great time nevertheless and took great photos to which to date, are still my favourite. One of these days I will go to the studio and have them printed to be arranged in my unfinished scrapbook about my life as a student in Melbourne. I loved this place too much I was hesitant to leave but I have to. After suffering from a severe separation anxiety, I have realised that there is no place like "home" where my parents and loved ones are. But Melbourne has been and is always be a place very close to my heart for many reasons.

my most loved photo in Sorrento, taken by Dahwin

I haved always loved any body of water most especially the ocean and the beach. Water has its calming effect and gives me the feeling of connection to the universe. Merely looking at the waters has given and still do gives, that unexplainable "joy" that only my heart can feel. For so many reasons and in so many seasons, the deep blue seas has always and still gives me the assurance that I am loved as endlessly and as deep as the ocean by people close to me and by my Creator. Being in Sorrento for that matter has erased any homesickness or pain or disppointments over words left unsaid and things left undone. Being at the sight of Sorrento and being with friends at the time has given me immesurable joy.

happiest faces in Sorrento, photo by Jamie

I haven't seen friends I have been with on this Sorrento Trip for quite a while but taking a look at these photos has given me that feeling of being alwyas with them. Looking at these photos has in many ways brought me that joy reminiscent of what I felt when we took this Sorrento trip together, around four years ago.


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