Friday, 8 May 2009

Not Too Far Zamboanga

approaching the island

my co-passengers disembarking from the plane

walking towards the airport on a warm summer day

Dipolog City airport

ZaNorte is for Zamboanga del Norte

the Dipolog City park from the van window

the road leading to Dakak Beach Resort

I took these photos on my first trip to Zamboanga via the lone Philippine Airlines flight to Dipolog City. I went there with Dakak Beach Resort in mind. Only then that I discovered that Dakak is geographically located in Dapitan City next to Dipolog. I realised that contrary to that old folk song about describing it as far Zamboanga, by air the travel is only an hour. And contrary to what I read in the papers and watch on television and read in the net, the place is pretty much safe and enjoyable place to stay as a respite. And there's much more to relish in Zamboanga del Norte beyond Dakak.


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miranamedina said...

Very impressive shot! It really exudes a great, grand and happy celebration!!! You caught the right "moment"!

"Wonderfully made" is just apt as a title!

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