Friday, 16 April 2010

Miranamedina's Silent Odyssey

Silent Odyssey poster
Last night I visited Mirana's blog and I am excited to find out that her latest documentary had an award. Almost a couple of years back, I got to watch an advocacy film tackling the issues of the hearing impaired and their loved ones, at the University of the Philippines Film Center. I made it on time for the opening program and joined the singing the National Anthem lead by a deaf student from De La Salle St. Benilde. The fimmaker was introduced by the Chairman of the Speech Communication and Theater Arts, Dr. Belen Calingacion. Madam Belen, was my

the filmmaker sitting back to watch the movie on premier night

top calibre professor in one of my major subjects and was my course adviser, on my attempt to take Master of Arts in Speech Communication from the College of Arts and Letters. I was aware that Mirana took a special course on sign language at De La Salle St. Benilde in preparation for her then, upcoming documentary movie, Silent Odyssey. On the premier night however, I was surprised at her confidence to speak to the people at the theater using the language where majority of the audience can relate to.

knowing the language that she speaks

As the usual stuff goes, when a hearing impaired person speaks, an interpreter does the talking. But probably a mixture of excitement and wanting to fully express herself well, at the middle of her speech, she sought permission to do the verbal simultaneously with the sign language. Leaving the mainstream filmmaking where she had worked with excellent industry players, she chose the narrow road of what she calls "advocacy filmmaking" which required her to do multitasking in doing her films. I was both amused and delighted watching her do another multitasking activity-doing the sign language while 'interpreting" herself as well.

happy faces on the premier night of Silent Odyssey

After that premiere showing jointly sponsored by the Dela Salle St Benilde and UP Special Education, Silent Odyssey has gone places all over the country and Chicago, USA advancing the awareness on the concerns of the hearing impaired. As it continues to be screened near and far, more hearing people have became more understanding of these people who are in their own silent odysseys on earth.

Reading Mirana's blog has given me a happy face and yes, blog again after being quiet for a considerable amount of time.

For indeed, Mirana's Silent Odyssey is a film that is-wonderfully made

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