Monday, 7 June 2010

Celebrating the "Cuties"

Winter 2003, North Melbourne, photo by Dahwin

Today I am celebrating my friendship with the "cuties". Seven years back, our paths crossed when we boarded the same flight bound for Melbourne. Since we are starting or studies on the same winter semester albeit taking different courses, we consider each other as "batchmates". I was practically "lost" when "they found me" and from then on, they had been the source of my strength and inspiration as I ventured the life of an international student "down under". Altogether, they have loved me like their own biological sister and eventually gave me that endearment which never failed to make me smile- "cutie" when it was supposed to be the batch name. We had heaps of fun, the most memourable of which were skipping our preparatory classes(introductory academic program) to shop and take photos of each other in the "city"and and warm each other's feelings on cold lonely winter nights by holding "impromtu" parties by having overnight fun at North Melbourne.

I remember being too lazy to prepare my own hot drink- and they alternately, lovingly prepared tea to keep me warm until I decided to prepare my own . Not being used to drinking, they readily forgive me when upon reaching my quota of two full glasses, I take a nap to reenergise myself leaving them for an hour or a couple of hours, or sometimes, I am too sleepy and lean on the shoulder of anyone closest to me. Moreover, the girls patiently taught me how to cook "adobo" the most common and basic Filipino dish that I never learned to cook until I studied abroad thus had it named "Australian adobo". They had been very patient with me when I had my bouts of depression over a "lost love" and very understanding when I had a traumatic experience. In all their capacity, they cheered me up whenever they can. I had joined various groups and found new friends from then on, but I am most comfortable and happiest in their company.

We rarely see or hear from each other nowadays but I am sure they never ceased to love me and have always wished the best for me. And yeah I will always treasure their friendship and they hold that very special place in my heart. For the "cuties" continue to give me inspiration to achieve something, continue to find the purpose in my life and to love others "unconditionally" as they have loved me.

And I always wish the best for my dear "batchmates" too. Until we meet again, cheers, cheers, cheers!

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