Monday, 15 November 2010

Olang Arts Park:Three Years After

the trees have grown at the park

purple flowers inspired me to take photos

Siquijor's side of heaven

 the reception and/or coffee area at the Centre

Miranamedina's painting greets visitors at the Centre

blogger  catching up over breakfast with the founder and resident artist

the stage is now more beautiful and engaging for future performances

natural landscape by Aya

flowers  are always in bloom at SpringB's garden

my favourite spot, the simple yet charming treehouse  Balai Mirana

Ma-an Gorospe

1 comment:

miranamedina said...

Hi SB!!!

Very nostalgic to see your latest photos... Was surprised to see my painting [Cebu Cathedral]. Almost forgot that it exists. He!He! And "my treehaus"? Will always love that place!!

Miss you all!

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