Thursday, 11 June 2009

Refreshing Sight

the refreshing sight of green leaves

A couple of weeks ago, I went unceremoniously to the place I has became my favourite since the first time I saw it. It has always given me the joy of being having " peace and quiet." This is where I go when I simply wanted to be "away from it all". As this has been the first morning since my previous visit, I was excited how the sunrise would look at this time. I woke up early with the sight of sunrise coming out of the mountains in mind. I slowly opened the door connecting to the terrace and I was quite disappointed it was still a bit dark. Yet there was something new to my sight that has been left unnoticed during my past visits.

The refreshing sight of the leaves from a branch of the tree just close to the open terrace got my attention. It was indeed a great morning and even it was quite cloudy and foggy thereby missing the grandiose rising of the sun, along with the changing colours of the sky that comes with it. However, the green leaves with lots of dewdrops aginst the backdrop of the still dark sky has made my morning very lovely. This added to the excitement of going out and basking in the sun in the field after having my breakfast.

That refreshing sight reminded me that in life, there are people who are like that. They may get unnoticed yet they are always there, never failing to give encouragements when we are down and out yet they remained unnoticed simply because they are always there beside us. And just like that tree left unnoticed everytime I enter this favourite room in a house on top of the mountain in an island which I cannot disclose since it has been my favourite "hiding place", I have friends who always made sure to be there for me even if I fail to listen to them or even recognise their efforts in showing how much they care. And like the refreshing sight on a possibly dreary morning, their smiles and presence have been a source of joy. Same goes to my family who never failed to show me how much they care since time immemorial even though at times, or many times I tend to be too individualistic believing that I can take care of myself very well. I call it emotional independence which I claimed since I left my parent's house for college albeit at the time I was economically dependent on them.

I have to thank the tree and the lesson it has brought me.


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