Friday, 10 July 2009

My Travel Postcards

my Dakak souviner mug and postcard

Not too long ago, I read a suggestion from a travel magazine that aside from scrapbooking, it would be fun to "send yourself a postcard." Looking like a good idea, it lingered on my mind . When I had the chance to go to Dakak which I discovered is located in Dapitan City(Philippines) contrary to what I always thought that it is in Dipolog, I remembered this. Going to Dakak was practically unplanned so when I got a promo rate via my favourite airline, the flag carrier of the Philippines, I flew in. That was an opportune time for me to relax, enjoy and be refreshed after feeling unwell for around a couple of weeks. After I swam in the pristine waters and walked in the fine white sands, all my pains, physical and emotional- went away.

With the hope of sending myself a postcard, I got five from the Dakak park and resort souviner shop and wrote each of them on my last night in my hotel room in Dipolog. I was having that adventurous idea of riding the local tricycle from the hotel to the post office and back on the early morning prior to the airline's lone flight leaving Dipolog. I woke up late so I requested the driver who drove us to the airport to mail the five postcards for me. When I saw the postcard reaching my apartment, I felt the joy of that trip being doubled. My parents were happy but I was ecstatic to receive a postcard that I sent myself while on holiday.

my Coron postcard

Yet somehow, part of me is not content knowing fully well that it was the driver who dropped the postcards in the mail. So when I had the chance to go island hopping in the Calamianes Islands close to Busuanga, I took postcards again and made sure that I would be the one who will do the actual mailing task. When I stayed in the seafront resort in Coron, a lovely town in Busuanga Islands, I did the mailing of such postcards for my friends and myself. A day prior to my scheduled trip leaving the island, I went to the Coron post office, a walking distance from the Seadive resort which made my Coron stay very memourable.

writing myself via the postcard

My joy when I saw such postcards in my apartment is beyond words. Now they never fail to make me smile as they bring back very happy memories.


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