Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Shayne and his mudpie

Today Shayne flies back to Melbourne after spending a couple of weeks or so in Clark, Pampanga and Manila. He intentionally flew in to join his beloved's birthday celebration. It was quite unfortunate that he came when the typhoon Insiang brought heavy rains and strong winds, thus the idea of going out for island hopping or going to the beach was not interesting. At any rate, spending some time with his beloved has made Shayne's visit to the Philippines wonderful.

I had a great time chilling out at the nice and quiet cafe overlooking EDSA at the SM Annex with his beloved and a friend sometime last week. On our way to meet a friend for dinner, we did jumpology and photography at the SM North's skygarden. On our way to one of the restaurants at the SM's The Block I was telling his beloved that having him around makes me happy listening to the native Aussie accent I have grown to accustom with, during my Melbourne studies. Yet partaking with his mudpie was my favourite moment. Although the mudpie is not exceptionally special(he struggled to finish if off), it reminded me of the times that we relished finishing lots of sweets while dining at his beloved's apartment close to the uni many years back. His beloved repeatedly told us that we have this "sweet tooth" and we responded by saying we are " sweet people" too.
Yesterday, I saw the fridge magnet with his favourite colour that I got for him from one of my travels. I forgot to give it to him last week! But I smile in the thought that he will be coming again probably next year.

Bon Voyage my dear Shayne! Looking forward to see you again next time. And I wish that the next time would be soon.

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