Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Yarra River and Its Memories

sitting along the Yarra River in spring, photo by James

Today my dear Shayne flies in from Melbourne to Manila to visit his beloved and the thought of it makes me very nostalgic of the happy days I had as an international student not too long ago. Yarra river is very significant because this side of the river has always given me immeasurable happiness. It have done great walks from winter since I first arrived until the summer when I left. Most importantly, it was a summer when my dear Shayne first met up with his beloved, and they had a walk on that summer night, not many years back. That walk has given birth to a beautiful relationship for quite a number of years which led to committment which goes on deeper though the years.

with the seagulls and poppies at Crown in winter, photo by Dahwin
It is also in this river where I had the final lunch with my dear friends Maline and Dahwin, at one of the restaurants in the Crown. When I was a new student, the sight of the river and the Crown, and the sounds of the casino has in many ways, lessened my homesickness and a trauma that I have to deal with silently ironically from someone who was expected to be very friendly to me.

sitting in Crown facing the Yarra river, photo by Eden

When I am down and confused, I would go to the Yarra river when I cannot board a tram to St Kilda Beach. This is where I spent the last few days with dear friends Eden, Anna and Adam. The picture above is one of mt favourites while we were sitting by the Yarra River. We originally wanted to ride the river cruise but I arrived late from a lawn bowling with my Oz friends. Yet the company of each other and the long talks on that sunny day made me very happy and content.

playing with the fountain in winter, photo by Dahwin

I have always loved the fountain, whereever it is located. The sight of the water going up and down has tremendously excites and at the same time soothes me, depending on my moods. Dahwin on his few last days after finishing his studies took one of my favourite photos successfully capturing my joy of playing with the fountain.
Yarra River had given me happy memories. And although I have a share of painful ones in this river, I opt to look back at the happier ones. Probably my Mummy Henny would agree that Yarra River is truly a wonderful place.
This is where she had her first date with Shayne which has became my Dad. Welcome back Daddy Rooster, I hope to see you soon.


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