Thursday, 23 July 2009

Elena, The Tree and the Deep Blue Sea

the fascinating sight of the tree and the deep blue sea

I have been hanging around with my dear friend Elena the past few weeks. We lost contact, (thanks to me) for more than a year but I am so happy about how life has turned very kindly to her. She is now gainfully employed in the legal department of the arguably biggest and most influential media organisation in the country. Yet the highlight of al the happy news about her is that- she has found, or his one great love found her. I am quite lucky to meet this nice guy before he flew to Sydney(Australia). Their eyes clearly showed how happy they are( and so much in love) over coffee at the Shang Plaza and their happiness is highly contagious.

A couple of weekends ago Elena took me to her office where I loved the view. It reminded me of that long drive to Cape Boreador in Ilocos Norte(Philippines) where I took this photo on my way to the lighthouse while she was trying to look for a parking space.

Truly, the deep blue sea has always been fascinating to me and it still is. But looking at Elena's love filled eyes and happy face is definitely more fascinating than ever. And I am extremely glad that finally, she has found her one great love when she almost stopped believing.


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