Sunday, 19 July 2009

James' Birthday

at the Old Arts Walk, Faculty of Arts, The University of Melbourne

James at the South lawn after an intensive class in autumn 2005

James and me at Port Melbourne Beach in summer 2004

James, last row, right, in a photo taken on a dinner in March 17,2008 at a restaurant in Timog, Quezon City

Today I join the many friends from all places in celebrating the birthday of a person I am immensely blessed to have. He is a great friend who never failed to be there for me at all times yet gives me space when I wanted it. He is like a parent who nurtures and loves unconditionally.

Happy birthday my dear James! May you continue to inspire many others whose lives have been touched by your friendship. May you have more candles to blow, and may all your birthday wishes will come true.

Cheers! cheers! cheers!


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