Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Reconnecting With A Lovely Friend

loveliest smile from my lovely son at heart, emailed photo

My days has been exciting since last week, I get updates from a couple of friends who went to The Netherlands and yes, I had successfulluy reconnected with my lovely friend Maline whom I shared my life with not too long ago during our overseas studies. Reading her emails has kept me smiling and receiving another email with attached pictures have given me immeasurable joy.

I have always been the lousy communicator most especially the past year but I have been extremely happy to receive a reply from my lovely friend. Yes, we are reconnected and it feels great.

lovely bridge with my lovely friend, emailed photo
We cant help to reminisce happy memories of our student days and many things in relation to our years of stay way back. But its interesting to note that yes, we had heaps of fun and just like me, she did not dwell on the negative but on the positive side of things thus making living a lot easier, and happier.

I am excited to see her latest photo in the city and it seemed like yesterday. With the same familiar smile, she looked almost the same, considering the years and kids that have grown bigger through the years. This is a woman whose challenges has made her more beautiful inside and out.

lovely kids in my favourite place in the city, emailed photo

I was ecstatic to see the photo of her kids in a lovely spot in Elizabeth Street. That has been our favourite meeting place come winter or summer. Somehow it has brought back happy memories of the days when my friends would patiently and lovingly wait for me in that same spot. And it made me excited to consider going back even only for a short visit.
But going there to finally stay is itself, not a bad idea.

Ma-an Gorospe

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Doni Tobing said...

Its so good and funny photos.

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