Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Sky,Grass and Cattle

blue sky, green grass, and cattle grazing

I was awed by the beauty of this sight on my way from a waterfront resort in Coron Town to the airport in Busuanga to catch my flight back to Manila. Sharing the van with foreign tourists, the sight brought back happy memories when we were foreign students driving in Country Victoria with the sight of cattle grazing on vast lands. At one point we stopped the car and took photos with the cattle and the pine trees in the background. The photo above was taken while the van is slowing down to give way to a couple of cows crossing the road. To me who was quite tired of the urban sights of Manila, it was a refreshing sight.

Somehow I am glad that the Philippines has preserved this lovely place and I hope it remains this way. This sight is one of the reasons (in addition to island hopping activities) why I love going back to Busuanga Island everytime I have the chance.

Ma-an Gorospe

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