Monday, 24 August 2009

Miss Universe 2009

the universe's most beautiful,
I missed watching the quest for Miss Universe last year(the last one I watched was Miss Australia Jennifer Hawkins getting the title) but I am quite lucky I was able to witness this year's final part, the question and answer portion which has been most interesting for me in every beauty contest that I get to watch.

Miss Universe crown, from Miss Venezuela to another Miss Venezuela,

I immediately rooted for Miss Venezuela when I heard her respond to her question with wit, confidence and grace not to mention the lovely face in a stunning gown. Yet at some point I was open to the possibility that Miss Puerto Rico will make it or probably Miss Australia. My companions, who watched the show earlier had their tally sheets and listings in their own notepads but they did not argue with me at all when I said that I'll go for Miss Venuzuela because she's got the big "it". It turned out that from the start, they were all hoping and wishing that their top candidate, Miss Venuzuela will bag the coveted Miss Universe crown.

the top five finalists

Yet all those who made it in the top five can be the Miss Universe as they are all beautiful in the real sense of the word. When the announcement came, I was quite certain that Miss Venezuela will make it when Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Australia were called as runners-up. Me and my companions watched with glee when the outgoing Miss Universe hugged the new one and to their excitement, the crown fell, and picked with grace as if no blunder if could be called like that, happened. It turned out as I found out later, that both the outgoing and the current Miss Universe came from Venezuela. Here is the link on the official news from the Miss Universe website,

And it left me excited to place Venezuela in my wish list for lovely places to visit. I wish I can make it in the next couple of years or so. Going to Bahamas for a holiday would be lovely too.

Hail to the fairest of them all, Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez!

Ma-an Gorospe

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