Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Bon Voyage Chrys and Lani

smiling for me with the Philippine map on the background

Today Lani and Chrys, two dear friends whose company I have always enjoyed (and vice versa I hope) , are flying to The Netherlands to pursue postgraduate studies. I have wanted to send them off at the airport but I have to forego this due to an urgent presentation that my supersiror has requested me to do in behalf of the office I am representing. This is one of the downsides of having a five to eight job but at the moment, I cannot complain. I can only wish them a safe trip from Manila and happy arrival to Amsterdam and to the university of their choice.

the farewell party for Chrys and Lani at" my room" the conference room

Well anyway, I wish you well and may you enjoy stepping and listening to the rustling of the leaves as its autumn in there, nice time for arrival and adjustment period, its not as cold and dreary as the coming winter, yet no matter how long and cold the nights of the winter could be, it promises the coming of lovely spring mornings. Now that your turn to explore such lovely place has come, relish it. May you have more happy days than sad ones. Have heaps of fun and be open to many possibilities.

To studies, to love and to life, all the best, cheers, cheers!

Ma-an Gorospe

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