Monday, 30 March 2009

Gardens of Malasag in Cagayan de Oro

its lovely at the top!
I skipped the white water rafting where Cagayan de Oro City is very popular because aside from my apprehensions, there were only three of us who visited Cagayan de Oro, we were planning to go to Camiguin, the resort island closest to this city.

artwork on indigenous peoples easily noticed upon arrival

A companion has to take a trip to the nearby Butuan City to meet her family who were also visiting the place for a wedding so we have to do some sort of rescheduling. Although we are happy to see the new Shoemart(SM) and Robinson's, pretty popular malls in Manila which has recently been built in Cagayan de Oro, we opted to stroll the native Lim Ket Kai Mall.

preparing for a walk in the garden

While strolling in the Lim Ket Kai Mall, we thought of going for a respite from a mall tour- since a mall is a mall wherever it could be. A kind and pretty staff from the Customer Service gave us instructions on how to get to Gardens of Malasag.
photo shoot with the artworks in the garden

So off we went to Cugman, less than an hour from the downtown boarding a cab and riding the "habal-habal"(a motorcycle with no sidecar, and is quite inconvenient unlike the popular tricycle found in most parts of the country) to go up where the "garden" is. I was quite scared but we were able to sort it out. Regardless of the inconveniences, we were able to reach the place called " Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism Village".

the hanging bridge i was unable to climb

Among the places that we were able to visit in Cagayan de Oro City, I like the "gardens" the most. I was even dared to walk in the hanging bridge, thank goodness its closed. That afternoon stroll was quite memourable because walking on each street is like discovering something new, as we were unescorted during the walk.

a cottage modelled from the houses of the indigenous peoples

There were friendly "visitors" strolling in the garden, themselves city dwellers who opted to go there for "relaxation". They were kind enough to serve as tour guides, and tried their best to answer our queries. The houses, accordingly are prototypes of the shelter used by indigenous peoples.

it would be lovely to sleep in this cottage for a night or two

If I had more time to spend in this city, I want to sleep in any of the cottages and relish the nature's bounty in a lovely place like this for a night or two. Probably a reason for me to go back? And given my penchant for trying out for the local foods or getting myself a souviner item everytime I visit a place, I asked for the souviner shop. It was fun meeting the women who lovingly did the handbags, one of which- I immediately bagged. There were fashion accesories too, although for the indigenous women, its a day- to- day accessory, a part of their daily garb.

women doing their crafts

Every item in the souviner house looked very colourful and attractive. I wanted to buy a native dress, but gaining a few pounds , the only stock left did not fit me. Another reason to go back.

Truly, I enjoyed my day tour in the Gardens of Malasag. I just hope that the place be maintained to give both Cagayan de Oro dwellers and visitors, both domestic and foreign alike to enjoy their stroll in the gardens. I loved that experience as it was not only communing with nature. Taking a taste of what the gardens can offer would give us a chance to experience their culture given the ample time we've got to spend.

I will be coming back to Cagayan de Oro, probably for the white water rafting, for a day or two in the nearby Camiguin Island and definitely for another visit to Malasag gardens. I hope this time I would have the chance to have a dip in any of the beaches in Cagayan de Oro too.

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