Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Maline's Birthday

Maline and me along Yarra River
Today, my dear friend, sister, accomplice and a source of inspiration and strength, Maline is celebrating her birthday. In many ways, she has been extra tolerant, kind and loving to me. I have always disliked preparing and giving parties on my own birthday but she took lots of efforts, along with the "batch" to give me a "coming out party" not too long ago, which is extremely memourable to me.
Her birthdays had always been "big" no matter how low profile she tried to be. A lot of people across cultures and ages take time to greet her and celebrate with her on her birthday parties, during the time when we were geographically together, well probably because she is a very charming gal and of course beautiful. Yet what always makes me smile are the memories of our "chill out" times in Subway close to uni and our favourite coffee shop in the Melbourne Central because we can always talk about anything under the sun, laugh at our mistakes and misfortunes and most importantly, understand each other regardless. When her youngest was born, I felt so honoured to be chosen as a godmother among her many friends and although it makes me feel guilty for missing out dear baby Karl's milestones as an absentee godmother, I am sure that Maline understands. I would not let this day pass without wishing her well- and I wish her all the best.

my favourite photo with Maline on a lovely spring morning

Happy birthday, Girl! May all your birthday wishes come true. I am missing you heaps! Meantime, cheers, cheers, cheers! My birthday hugs!

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