Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Banol Beach

another lovely sight

As I prepare for my fourth trip to Coron(Busuanga) I find it refreshing to see the photos that I took the first time I saw the island few years back. During that time I was suffering from the pain of a personal loss and I was on the state of confusion- whether to stay in the country of my birth or go back to the country near to my heart
blogger enjoying the ride, photo by Dodong

which gladly adopted me, taught me wonderful lessons in life and gave me unforgetable and most enjoyable experiences or go to discover other places  that I have never been. This trip has helped me realise that I can have a new lease of life and recover the happy face that I once had. A beach lover since birth, the sight of this beach has lingered to my heart and I rediscovered the simple joys of being 
the crab 
in the waters and with friends.  I have heard myself laughing as loudly as I had been as I frolicked in the sand and the waters as Beatriz lovingly and amusedly took photos while I am in my two piece swimming wear.  I also took her photos and we promised each other not to show such photos to anyone except us- a promise still kept until this time.

happy friends forever

When I wanted to be away from it all again I took another trip- alone to Coron and I enjoyed the experience. I had a great time living like an islander  and a tourist incognito for a week. I wrote a lot and took pictures some of which are still on my old laptop which never fails to give lots of smiles to my face.
the sight of white sand and sea to behold

I am going back and forth to the hospital and clinics for my physical well-being and  trying my best to recover from a traumatic experience from my previous travel when this invitation from Beatriz for this trip came.  I was financially broke and my priority was my physical well being but they solved my predicament by using Edna's credit card so I did not refuse the chance. 
the breathtaking sight

Although they promised to take me to other islands where I never was, I would be glad to come back to my favourite Banol Beach where I started to dream dreams and laughed as boisterously as I can be after being abnormally quiet for a long time few years back. 
paradise on this side of the earth

And as I take a break from my hospital and clinic visits  for this trip starting tomorrow, I am looking forward to another session of emotional and spiritual healing which I have always sought and found in this wonderful island.
the huts and the powdery sand

our youngest island hopping buddy enjoying the waters
our waiting  boat  
my favourite beach
lovely structures
happy to be a mermaid at times
enjoying the moment 
happy tourists and islander guides
celebrating the place and sealing our friendship, photo by Orlando

Ma-an Gorospe

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